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Darfur: American lack of focus and a small, but encouraging sign from South Africa

The past week has seen an armada of reports on President Obama’s first 100 days in office. Nicholas Kristof has this brief, but challenging column, suggesting in light of the myriad global crises, the Administration has not done enough about Darfur.

Meanwhile, Kevin Heller notes that at least one African leader is finally starting to give President Al-Bashir the cold shoulder, as South African President Jacob Zuma excluded the Sudanese ruler from his inauguration. If President Zuma’s action signals South African willingness to impose diplomatic consequences on the regime in Khartoum for the ongoing violence in Darfur, perhaps it will serve as a catalyst for some meaningful diplomatic progress even with the United States’ attention focused elsewhere.



Arthur Traldi

Arthur Traldi is an attorney in Pennsylvania. Before the Pennsylvania courts, Arthur worked for the Bosnian State Court's Chamber for War Crimes and Organized Crime. His law degree is from Georgetown University, and his undergraduate from the College of William and Mary.

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