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Being a Journalist in Today’s Iran

In a recently published piece by Your Middle East, a leading European digital magazine covering all things Middle Eastern, Omid Habibinia, an Iranian journalist in exile, sheds light on the plight of Iranian journalists inside Iran. In his piece Mr. Habibinia underscores the bravery of many Iranian journalists who, despite widespread repression, arrest, and torture of their colleagues, continue to raise their voices in support of their jailed colleagues and freedom of expression in Iran.

You can read Mr. Habibinia’s piece, entitled “Iranian journalists – tears and hope” in its entirety here.


  • venkat

    Really it is
    important to students.not a students useful to all people means public.Thank
    you for sharing this post.

  • Carlos Santiago

    Coming from a country with so many rights and freedoms its a bit odd to hear of such repressive governments still in power. I do catch wind of such events happening to reporters, but more in communistic countries such as South Korea, China, and Cuba. Although I believe laws and structure are necessary if it violates any rights or freedoms you should rebel and fight for your cause.


Reza Akhlaghi
Reza Akhlaghi

Reza Akhlaghi is an Editor and Senior Blogger at the FPA Blogs. Reza launched 'Candid Discussions'; interviews with influential policy makers, writers, and media personalities in the field of foreign policy and international security. He is also a contributing writer to a number of publications, writing on international affairs.

Reza is fluent in Persian, Turkish, and English, and has working knowledge of Korean. He tweets from @RezaAkhlaghi

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