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Whether you subscribe to the idea that we need to return to 350 ppm of carbon dioxide equivalent in the atmosphere or not, last Saturday’s worldwide expressions of concern were wonderful, eye-opening further evidence of how deep and how broad that concern runs.

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State Department Says XL Pipeline Won’t Affect Oil Sands Development

The Department of State has released a 2000-page draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement regarding the XL Keystone Pipeline. In the words of the executive summary, the report “concludes that approval or denial of the proposed Project is unlikely to have a substantial impact on the rate of development in the …

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Did You Connect the Dots?

The folks and all their thousands of friends all over the world had a big event on May 5.   Here’s the video:

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Connect the Dots

I wrote the other day about how people are increasingly perceiving the connection between extreme weather and climate change.  They are, in the words of the very good folks at, “connecting the dots.”  In fact, is yet again marshaling its extraordinary powers of …

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The Climate of Opinion

A study, Extreme Weather, Climate & Preparedness in the American Mind, just out from the excellent Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and its partner, the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, purports that “A large majority of Americans believe that global warming …

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To Frack or Not to Frack?

Why Not Frack? is the title of an article in a recent issue of the “NY Review of Books.”  One of the best environmental journalists we’ve got, Bill McKibben, is the author.  McKibben, of course, is more than just a journalist.  He’s a ground-breaking thinker and, in …

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NOXL? Yes!

So, the environmental movement drew the proverbial line in the sand:  no Keystone XL pipeline.  We’ve been fighting the tar sands for years, and will continue, but the Keystone XL has been the first clear solid rallying point and the first time in years that we greens have

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Climate, Energy and Sustainability in 2011 – Year in Review

The year is certainly not over yet – the annual international UN climate conference is ongoing in South Africa for the next ten days.  Nevertheless, here’s a quick look at what we’ve seen – and what we might expect in 2012.
Casting back to my look at …

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Tar Sands Protest Comes Back to Washington

As I noted recently, the pressure is building on the Keystone XL pipeline. and the many brothers and sisters who have been affiliating themselves with their actions to stop the pipeline – and indeed the tar sands development in Alberta – were in Washington in August …

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Keystone XL – The Pressure Builds

I’ve written about or referenced the Keystone XL project and the Alberta tar sands a fair number of times, including at this post for DeSmogBlog.  The picture shows protesters at the White House last summer.  The folks at led the demonstrations there and are organizing another action …

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Moving Together

I went down across the street from the United Nations in New York a couple of Saturdays ago and took part in a medium-sized but interesting demonstration of concern about climate change.  It was part of the “Moving Planet” series of demonstrations all over the world, …

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Who Are the Radicals?

“The radicals are the people who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere.”  That’s the voice of Bill McKibben at this year’s annual Power Shift conference in Washington. Power Shift brought ten thousand young leaders to hear about how to transition from the fuel-based energy economy – …

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The Big Picture(s)

The estimable Bill McKibben and the hard-charging activists at have organized 350 Earth – “the world’s first art exhibit large enough to be seen from space.”  There are photographs, videos and text here to suit any palate.
As the late, great Phil Ochs said:
…you must …

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Honking for The Planet

We were in Cambridge this past weekend having a fine time, very much including getting out for Honkfest.  The best band we saw was the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable, “Atlanta’s wildest community band,” but they were all pretty anarchically blessed.

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Global Work Party to Cool the Planet

Big party on Sunday!  Check out the action where you are and get your work shoes on.  (They should definitely double as dancing shoes.)  We’ll be at Honkfest in Cambridge, being free, green, laughing, dancing and generally spreading the word.
For last year’s festivities, see …

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