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teamwork, Jordan and Yemen

A handful of Jordanian and Yemeni social workers teamed up this past week to learn supportive techniques for helping people recover from trauma. In Yemen, the trauma(s) that made this training necessary are domestic – Yemen has been embroiled in …

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Monkeys, bananas and fear in Iraq

Joost Hiltermann (of the International Crisis Group) has a blog post at the New York Review of Books on the current climate in Iraq. …

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Resuming blogging

Hello all,
I’m resuming blogging here at the FPA Middle East blog, after finishing my MA this May. I’m now in Damascus for the next several months, and will be commenting on the news from here.
It’s good to be back! Please get in touch (via the information in the Bio section) …

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Youth in the Middle East: from Brookings Press

Those of you interested in learning more about young people in the Middle East may want to check out this new publication from Brookings Press, Generation in Waiting: The Unfulfilled Promise of …

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What does the AHDR do, exactly?

The Arab Human Development Report, a publication from the UNDP that consistently draws commentary from anyone and everyone interested in Middle East politics, typically inspires a lot of positive response from the development community. …

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Dubai launches public education campaign

… to teach people how to behave on the train. The sheer number of people who want to use the Metro, combined with the newness of the project, has meant chaos for the system.

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on Dubai's new metro system

Dubai’s metro rail opened (grandly – how else) today. Construction on the system will continue, but as of today residents and tourists can take the train along Sheikh Zayed road. Yale graduate student Tabitha Decker points …

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Brookings content … in Arabic!

Visit to read Brookings’ content in translation. Very exciting.

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Bahraini women use Islam to advocate for their rights

not really a new thing, but I guess when you work for a newspaper calling something “new” is the only way to justify publishing it.
In Bahrain, women are

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big day in Arab business

Yahoo purchased today. Yahoo expects Maktoob, which began as the first Arabic-language email provider, to permit it access to the Arab market. It hasn’t had terribly good luck expanding into …

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Myths, Illusions and Peace in the Middle East

David Makovsky summarizes the arguments in the book he and Dennis Ross co-authored at MESH.

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turning their pain into gold: Palestinian women making the most of their time in prison

Jon Elmer has a piece at IPS about Palestinian women who have spent time in Israeli prisons. Despite the rotten conditions – both because of the total absence of women-specific accommodations as well as the fact …

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Arab and Israeli join forces to explain Hamas' rhetoric

Foreign Policy published a piece by two academics – one Palestinian, Osama Abu-Irshaid, and one an American Jew with strong ties to Israel, Paul Scham – suggesting that in order to reach any kind of peace agreement with Hamas, negotiating partners (i.e. Israel and the United States) need to accept …

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democracy and monarchy

The Economist profiles Fouad Ali el Himma, the former leader of Morocco’s new Authenticity and Modernity Party. It is an anti-Islamist party primarily comprised of those loyal to the King. (The magazine calls its platform “centrist and non-ideological). El Himma …

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Inane burqa controversy attracts more press attention

President of France Nicholas Sarkozy’s new initiative – to outlaw the wearing of a burqa in public in France – has sparked quite a debate over the past week. Adding to it on the New York Times op-ed page is

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