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As noted immediately below, a leading British Conservative Party voice on taxes has (eloquently) explicated their view on “green taxes” , here we’re calling them carbon taxes. I also pointed out John Dingell’s manifesto on this recently. See Big John.

Now a leading Republican Party economist, N. Gregory Mankiw, has stated, and quite unequivocally, why a carbon tax makes sense. His op-ed, One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax, appeared in business section of the “NY Times” yesterday. Mankiw makes a comprehensive and strong argument. In a nutshell: “The scientists tell us that world temperatures are rising because humans are emitting carbon into the atmosphere. Basic economics tells us that when you tax something, you normally get less of it. So if we want to reduce global emissions of carbon, we need a global carbon tax. Q.E.D.”

This cartoon, by David G. Klein, is great too. But read the op-ed. It’s worth your time.




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