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Best of the Web: The “Go Rio!” Video Edition

Congrats to the people of Rio de Janeiro on their city’s winning bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. It’s exciting and just plain fair that the Games will finally come to South America. Chicago will get over it. So will Oprah Winfrey, who still wields the power to send the entire population of Chicago to the Brazilian metropolis to witness it all in style. I thought that going to Copenhagen was a waste of President Obama’s time because it was very clear to me that Chicago did not have much of a chance. Still, Obama was just following in the footsteps of the other world leaders lobbying for their cities. The whole episode has been blown out of all sense of reasonable proportion in the U.S. media. It’s kind of hilarious in a pathetic way, especially since I am guessing that most Americans don’t really care where the Games are held. I am sure that the happiest people on Earth will do an excellent job and throw an even more spectacular party. I also predict that United States’ superpower status will be safely intact through the next few Olympics Games–wherever they may be held. Now, here are my Olympics video pics:

1) Brazil’s promotional video makes me want to go there. It also makes me want to lose 10 pounds, learn to play the guitar and not run away terrified from an oncoming volleyball.

2) Jon Stewart dissects the political fallout of Obama’s Copenhagen trip in “Copen Hatin’.”

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3) If you’re from Chicago and still bitter, take comfort in watching Stephen Colbert and George Wendt trash talk Tokyo, Madrid and Rio.

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