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Coalition, PA Negotiator, Iran Subterfuge

Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman may recommend the formation of a Likud-Kadima-Yisrael Beiteinu coalition later this week amidst concerns that an ultra-right coaltion would not appropriately represent the Israeli people and respond to foreign criticisms. Another article questions the working relationship between a Likud-led or Kadiam-led coalirion with the United States, declaring a right wing […]

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Coaltions Continue, Shalit, and Efrat Expansion

President Shimon Peres may urge Kadima and Likud to form a coaltiongovernment, he alluded to high school students in Be’er Sheva by stating his desire to ‘listen to the people.’ During the speech, he notd that upon receiving the official election results Wednesday nights, he would begin stressing coalition building for the next government. While […]

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Livni in Oppostion, Durban II

Even though she received a plurality of votes in last week’s election, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni asserted to associates her desire to lead the opposition as opposed to joining Likud-led right wing coalition. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert urged Livni to oppose Benjamin Netanyahu claiming that a failed Likud-government would propel Kadima back into the PMO. […]

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Hamas Truce a Ruse?

While the press consistently publishes reports of Hamas agreeing to a truce deal with Israel that includes the release of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert denied any such deal, declaring “Israel is not currently engaging in any negotiations with Hamas, and certainly won’t achieve any kind of […]

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Hamas, Valentine's Day, and the Economy

Who knew that Hamas could help put smiles on happy couples’ faces this Valentine’s Day? Approximately 25,000 carnations left Gaza yesterday en route to Denmark, marking a major economic stimulus to flower growers who’s income sharply declined following Hamas’ takeover of the strip and the beginning of Israel’s restrictions on cross-border traffic. While Gaza exports […]

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Clinton visit and More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will arrive in Israel March 3, one day after attending a Gaza rehabilitation conference in Cairo. During her visit, though, she may influence coalition building and the priorities of the next government. Hamas intends to include the exchange of captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit for 1000 Palestinian prisoners in a […]

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Bibi Stances Could Complicate U.S. Strategies

As President Barack Obama extends an open hand to Iran and Hamas in an effort to change the current Middle Eastern dynamic, Binyamin Netanyahu, Likud Chairman and potentially the next Israeli Prime Minister, may pose a hurdle towards some American strategies regarding the peace process and preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through […]

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Gaza, Syria, the Economy and CNN

While Israel asserts a victory in Operation Cast Lead, the state lost a number of intelligence agents in the conflict. Due to the use of intelligence to focus attacks and prevent civilian casualties, the loss of these individuals could result in increased death tolls in the event of another strike. Meanwhile, even though Israel failed […]

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Coaltion Building Nearly Finalized

Coalition building continues with Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu offering Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who received a plurality of votes, significant cabinet positions such as defense alongside the foreign ministry. However, Livni still intends to attempt to form a coalition after receiving support from left-wing voters intent on preventing a Netanyahu victory. Meanwhile, Yisrael Beitenu chief […]

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Stability in the Palestinian Economy

As the global economy entered a sharp decline over the last year, the Palestinian economy “has done relatively well,” according to General Manager of the Bank of Palestine Hashim Shawa in an interview with Middle East Progress. He attributes the economy’s stability due to its low number of exports, thereby isolating it from the global […]

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Iran Negotiations

President Barack Obama intends to begin direct negotiations with Iran in merely a few months time. This declaration directly compromises Israeli politicians’ statements that Israel would prohibit Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon at any cost. Obama stated at a news conference Feb. 9: “[a]nd my expectation is in the coming months we will be […]

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Election Fallout

In a last minute surprise, Kadima Chairman Tzipi Livni managed a come-form-behind victory over Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu in yesterday’s elections. However, her victory does not guarantee Livni’s placement as the next Israeli Prime Minister, as forming a stable coalition may prove difficult due to the 63 seat “rightist” bloc in the government. The next […]

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