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European Media Against Detroit Bail-Out

As the "Big Three' American automakers continue their quest for a government bail-out, European commentators have tended to take to the view that they should submit to the "survival-of-the-fittest" logic of market forces , not least, perhaps, because many European companies fear that a U.S. bail-out would give the American manufacturers an unfair competitive advantage. […]

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Europe Cautious over Top Job for Hillary

The European media have reacted cautiously, even skeptically, to reports that President-elect Barack Obama is considering offering the job of Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton, his bitter rival for the Presidential nomination in the lengthy Democratic primaries. As the reports below suggest, many European commentators believe that it would be a mistake for Obama […]

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A British Lesson on Auto Bailouts

Nelson D. Schwartz of the New York Times uses an example from the sorry history of the British motor industry to warn that auto bailouts, currently a hot topic in the United States, may not necessarily bring about the desired results. As a parallel with General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, Schwartz describes the once-mighty British […]

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What Some Will Miss about George Bush

The International Herald Tribune had the bright idea of asking six writers to identity what they most admired about President George W. Bush and would miss when he leaves the White House in January. Not all six were by any means Bush fans, but they all praised certain aspects of his character, often his basic […]

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What's to "Forget" About Afghanistan?

One of the more irritating habits of some journalists is to describe a recent event as “little noticed.” By this they mean that they alone appreciate its significance and can exclusively reveal it to the world. Frequently, however, the event has in fact been reported elsewhere but these reports have gone “unnoticed” by the egocentric […]

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