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In Support of Nuclear Proliferation

Allow me to make this clear: There is nothing to fear from nuclear proliferation. This might sound insane coming from the mouth (or hands) of a counter-terrorism analyst, but the facts speak for themselves.

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A Human Weapon: The Nexus of Immigration, Security, and Terrorism

Once portrayed as an economic and cultural concern, the ebb and flow of peoples across borders is being recast as a threat towards national security and survival. There are many motivations that may entice a political party, individual, or government to portray migration in a security-oriented context. Conversely, there are many reasons why one might seek to avoid the securitization of this particular field.

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Bin Laden is Right… Obama Cannot Stop These Wars

The problem for candidates that are elected on these types of knee-jerk reactionary issues, as President Obama is indeed discovering, is that it is nearly impossible to deliver on pledges once made.

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Al Qaeda’s Number 3 Threatens America with Nuclear Device, Strikes New Tone

Mustafa Abul-Yazeed, al-Qaeda’s leader in Afghanistan, threatened the United States in recent days, claiming that if the terrorist organization were to acquire Pakistani nuclear devices, they would immediately be used against American targets.

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Obama Vs. Osama

Obama travels to the Middle East, and Osama releases a new audio message. Indeed, this is no coincidence.

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Levin enters the fray, lashes out at Cheney

New York, NY — The Democratic Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee last night lashed out at former Vice President Dick Cheney for bearing “false witness” and “straying from the truth” in recent comments about U.S. treatment of foreign detainees.  Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, speaking to the Foreign Policy Association in New York […]

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Samuel Huntington Was Wrong

Terrorism is not a Clash of Civilizations, but a Clash of Time Samuel Huntington forever changed the face of international political discourse when he published The Clash of Civilizations. It redefined the world not along political boundaries or geographic features, but along the delicate fault-lines of civilization and culture. In his 1993 article, he writes: […]

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How George W. Bush’s Failures Helped Secure America

To describe the two-term Presidency of George W. Bush as ‘conventional’ is like calling Hurricane Katrina a ‘light drizzle’.  While passions remain high on both faces of the political coin, it is impossible to properly understand his actions and legacy so close to his tenure in office.  As time goes on, and the Obama administration […]

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Israel Avoids 'Failed' Car-Bombing

Israeli authorities successfully diffused a ‘massive’ car-bomb in the northern city of Haifa on Saturday evening.  Over 100 kilograms of explosives were found, more than five times the amount necessary to level a municipal bus or truck.  The automobile was parked outside a mall, and appears to have targeted civilian shoppers as they entered or […]

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New Concerns over Somali-American Terror Connection

American law enforcement expects, and often receives, an extremely high level of cooperation from various Muslim communities throughout the United States.  Iranians, Iraqis, Saudis, Egyptians; most are well integrated within their local communities and establishments. As a result, the threat of domestic terrorism is often lower in the US than in other western nations with […]

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New Polls Find Split Between Muslims Within, Without Islamic World

Over the past week, two new polls have been released which paint an interesting picture of opinions and attitudes within the Muslim World. First, a New York Times poll asked Muslims all over the world whether they felt as if they were ‘thriving’, ‘struggling’, or ‘suffering’. Out of 14 countries (ten predominately Muslim nations and […]

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Talibanistan: Burning the Village to Save the Nation

It is impossible to exaggerate the recklessness and danger brought about by Pakistan’s decision to acquiesce the Swat Valley to Taliban authorities.  Superficially, the transfer of power is bad for Pakistan as a nation, South Asia as a region, and the worldwide effort against Islamic fundamentalism.  In the grand scheme, however, the new region does […]

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Why Gitmo Really Doesn't Matter

The staggering amount of public resentment, outrage, and hostility towards the military facilities at Guantanamo Bay has always been disproportionate.   It always seemed, at least personally, the most logical choice in housing detained enemy combatants; it was located off shore, surrounded by natural and political barriers, run by the United States Military, and situated in […]

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In the news…

Yemen to Release About 170 al-Qaida Suspects Yemeni officials say they are releasing about 170 detainees with suspected ties to al-Qaida, two weeks after al-Qaida said it would use Yemen as its base of operations for the Arabian peninsula. India minister says “sincerity” needed to fight terror India and Bangladesh discussed on Monday setting up […]

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Al-Qaeda Blames Obama for Gaza Incursion

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