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A Canadian in Egypt or an Egyptian from Canada?

Canadians Abroad Part 2:  The question of the rights of Canadian citizens abroad has recently come to light in the case of Mohamed El-Attar. El-Attar was put to trial on Feb 24th 2007 in Egypt for allegedly being a spy for the Israeli Mossad in Canada. He was picked up on January 1st on a […]

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Arar and El-Attar: Who is Canadian?

Canadians Abroad Part 1:  The question of how immigrants should be treated, or considered equally among all social and cultural groups in a country was put to its greatest test in Canada in the summer of 2006. During the conflict between Israel and Lebanon last summer there was a flood of protests and criticisms against […]

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Calderon and Bush: Immigration Reform?

With approximately 12 million illegal immigrants from Mexico currently living in the United States, the focus of the last leg of Bush's Latin America Tour in Mexico was dominated by immigration issues. In the article “Mexico presses Bush over Immigration on Tour“, writer Steve Holland suggests that President Felipe Calderon of Mexico surprised many by placing […]

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Bush: America in the Americas

Elihu Root, a leading American International Lawyer argued in 1910 for the rights of Foreign Nationals. In states in which they were not citizens, there was an obligation under Customary International Law that national law must treat aliens as equal to that of their own citizens, as well, that there is an International Minimum Standard […]

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Central America: A Forgotten Neighbour or the One Next Door?

Central America: Part 1: In communities all over North America since the 1980s there has been an ever-growing community of Central Americans among American, Canadian and Mexican cities. The destruction of many communities due to the Central American wars in the 1980s have left permanent scars among not only the economic, social and political structures […]

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Richard Basas
Richard Basas

Richard Basas, a Canadian Masters Level Law student educated in Spain, England, and Canada (U of London MA 2003 LL.M., 2007), has worked researching for CSIS and as a Reporter for the Latin America Advisor. He went on to study his MA in Latin American Political Economy in London with the University of London and LSE. Subsequently, Rich followed his career into Law focusing mostly on International Commerce and EU-Americas issues. He has worked for many commercial and legal organisations as well as within the Refugee Protection Community in Toronto, Canada, representing detained non-status indivduals residing in Canada. Rich will go on to study his PhD in International Law.

Areas of Focus:
Law; Economics and Commerce; Americas; Europe; Refugees; Immigration


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