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Many thanks for reading WAFP and your comments. We encourage those of you on the very addictive Facebook to become fans of WAFP. I still don’t understand why Twitter is so magical, but we’re on it and can be followed. We also wanted to welcome aboard Jessica D’Itri, our awesome editorial intern. Check out Jessica’s […]

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Warning Signs from the Palestinian Territories?

Steven A. Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations has a piece in The New Republic on “The Third Intifada.”  The last paragraph is a chilling summary of his excellent analysis: For Washington, which is working hard to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table, the Middle East impasse is about to get a lot worse. […]

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Linking Foreign Policy and Development Goals in Egypt

Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations has released an excellent report on “Political Instability in Egypt,” through the Center for Preventive Action.    The report begins by noting US policymakers’ bias toward assuming that Egypt “will muddle through its myriad challenges and endure indefinitely.”  As anyone who has ever tried to study revolutions knows, it […]

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Punish the Victim? Iraqi Teenage Girl Imprisoned for Her Role in an Attempted Suicide Bombing

Amidst what appears to be a confusion of evidence and a disregard for both the pressures faced by girls sold into marriage and the inherently dual victim-perpetrator status of children in conflict situations, Rania Ibrahim, a 16-year-old Iraqi teenage girl, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for an attempted suicide […]

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