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What Obama Means for Africa: From my Africa Traveling Notes

Ok, I know I suppose to be posting about news-driven materials, but after revisiting my Africa travel notebook, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Despite the reality that America is in the middle of the recession as well as fighting two wars, what struck me most, during my three-month visit to Namibia (via South Africa) in […]

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Zimbabwe Diamonds Back on the Market, but What is Next?

I don’t know what to make of the decision by the World Diamond Council, and the United Nations-backed Kimberley Process to allow Zimbabwe to export limited diamond sales from its Marange fields where the regime has been accused of gross human rights violations. On the one hand, continuation of the diamond market ban would further […]

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Introducing This Blog

Welcome to this Foreign Policy Association blog dedicated to Southern Africa. This blog is an inside perspective on latest news, discussion, analysis, and commentary in Namibia and Zimbabwe. Although Namibia and Zimbabwe are the main focus of my attention, I also expect to be posting on other countries in Southern Africa. I suspect that politics […]

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New Blog Coming Soon

Welcome to the Southern Africa blog, the latest addition to the Foreign Policy Blogs network.

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