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Will the XO Laptop Change the World?

There are a lot of XO laptop reviews out there. David Pogue's in the New York Times is very good, as is the one in Laptop Magazine (which features commentary by an 8-year-old). Either of these reviews will give you an excellent rundown of the XO's technical capacities. My son's has been in the house […]

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Intel Splits with One Laptop Per Child

Intel is no longer on the board of the One Laptop Per Child initiative (OLPC). They are pulling all support and cooperation with the project – meaning that the next issue of the OLCP's XO laptop will not be using an Intel processor. The two organizations won't be collaborating on any new educational software, either. […]

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Inaugural Post

Welcome to the Great Decisions 2008 Foreign Policy Blogs. Over the next year I’m going to be posting on global philanthropy. Although the primary purpose is to discuss the increasingly private nature of foreign aid, a full treatment of the subject has to include government Official Development Assistance (ODA). Foreign Aid is a broad topic […]

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