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Journalist Q&A: Dexter Filkins, The New York Times

“For all the dangers of the place, it’s an incredible story. It’s one of the biggest stories of our lives. Leaving the violence aside, it was a chance to see history being made and to see history unfold—really, really big history, and extraordinary human drama. That’s a rare thing. It’s pretty wonderful to be able to see it, even for all of the violence and the horror that I witnessed. It was endlessly interesting and thrilling, even as it was depressing at the same time.” –Dexter Filkins on why he stayed in Iraq for 3 years reporting for The New York Times

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Holbrooke: 'A long and difficult Struggle'

Holbrooke: 'A long and difficult Struggle'

Newly appointed Afghanistan/Pakistan US ‘representative’, which gives him a bit more power than an ‘envoy’, stated during a Munich security conference that the war in Afghanistan will be a ‘long and difficult struggle,’ one which is 'tougher than Iraq.’  Not exactly breaking news, but it's important to know where Mr. Holbrooke stands and how he […]

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