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Supporting MEK: Not a Step in the Right Direction

Today the Washington Times reported that the United States is discreetly trying to stop Iraq from closing the Camp Ashraf, home to over 3,000 Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) members.  As discussed in my previous blog, MEK is regarded by both the Iranian and the U.S. government as a terrorist group.  The group had been operating from […]

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“Defense Umbrella” against Iran

During her trip to Thailand, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has created quite a stir with her remarks on Iran.  In her harshest words delivered against Iran yet, Clinton warned that the United States would take “crippling action” and work to “upgrade the defense of our partners in the region.”  She warned Iran that […]

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Balancer Needed in Asia

Balancer Needed in Asia

Memo to Obama Administration: Now would be a good time to re-hyphenate your India policy, less India-Pakistan more India-China. Rising Sino-Indian tensions are causing people, including this blogger, to wonder whether Obama has a plan to deal with a pivotal security challenge of the 21st Century: the management of Chinese ambitions and Indian anxieties. It […]

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