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Uzbekistan-Pakistan bilateral diplomacy

The reason for warmer ties between Pakistan and Uzbekistan were noted by Sanobar Shermatova at

Where Tashkent is concerned, the Afghani civil strife and Bilateralism, March 2005relations with Pakistan are inseparable from the problem of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. Advancement of relations with these two countries made for a weakening of Islamic gunmen. Tashkent and Islamabad signed an accord on a joint war on terrorism and extradition treaty in 2001. With these two documents signed, Uzbekistan could be reasonably confident that gunmen of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan would enjoy no more clemency from the Pakistani authorities. The signing of the documents essentially restored bilateral relations.

Pakistan has also wanted Uzbekistan to sponsor them into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for years, gradually moving from a low-key bid through Uzbekistan to last year's overt diplomacy. 

Photo: Iran Daily