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Love, Redemption, and Soccer

The Boston Globe has a powerful story about a soccer field in Rwanda. Here are the first two paragraphs, but read the whole thing:

In Kingston on Boston's South Shore, the Jonathan Rizzo Soccer Field with its bright lights and bleachers is a fitting memorial to the young man who loved the game and played on his hometown teams. In a barren refugee camp in Rwanda, seven time zones away, there's another Jonathan Rizzo Soccer Field. There are no lights or bleachers, but there's a clear space carved out of a mountain ridge, plus equipment and uniforms for the children, many of whom don't own a pair of shoes.
The field in Kingston was built by contractors with a grant from a foundation in Jonathan's name. The field in Rwanda was built by Nick Rizzo, who picked the spot and helped clear the land as a tribute to his older brother, who was murdered in July 2001. Nick recently spent six months working in the dirt-poor country, leaving Harvard University for a clogged refugee camp.

This is a touching tribute to love and redemption. If you have a brother and you are reading this at work you might have to tell your coworkers that it has gotten a bit dusty in your office or that your allergies are acting up.

Happy birthday, Marcus.

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