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Amnesty International Recognizes Lydia Cacho

Amnesty International Recognizes Lydia CachoMexican journalist and women's rights activist Lydia Cacho Ribeiro is the recipient of Amnesty International USA's 2007 Ginetta Sagan Award for Women's and Children's Rights.  Cacho is the Founder and Director of the Refuge Center for Abused Women of Cancun and also serves as President of the Center for Women's Assistance.  A specialist on gender-based violence, Cacho has risked her own life and faces persecution, death threats, arrests, and intimidation as a result of her work to hold accountable those who victimize women and children.  Cacho received the Sagan award in late March and is embarking on a speaking tour in several American cities in coordination with Amnesty International USA.

A March 28th KQED radio interview of Lydia Cacho can be downloaded here.