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African Union Peacekeepers Killed in Darfur.

Five African Union (AU) soldiers participating in the peacekeeping effort in Darfur were killed near the border with Chad today.  It is unclear which group was responsible for the attack.  It is the heaviest lose for the AU since being deployed to the region in 2004.  More reporting on this issue as it develops.

BBC broke the news here.



Daniel Graeber

Daniel Graeber is a writer for United Press International covering Iraq, Afghanistan and the broader Levant. He has published works on international and constitutional law pertaining to US terrorism cases and on child soldiers. His first major work, entitled The United States and Israel: The Implications of Alignment, is featured in the text, Strategic Interests in the Middle East: Opposition or Support for US Foreign Policy. He holds a MA in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management from Norwich University, where his focus was international relations theory, international law, and the role of non-state actors.

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