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Turkmenistan: contracting new medical centers

If this comes to fruition, it is the best news of the day:Mother & Child, Turkmenistan

According to official news reports, a Turkish construction firm has been awarded a Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) for building mother and child wellness "Ene Myahri" centers in Mary (Merv), Lebap, Dashuguz, and Balkan.  These four cities are the capitals of Turkmenistan's districts.  Construction should commence in July; the facilities, according to Turkmenistan's official news agency, will open by December 2008.  In addition, the centers will be fully stocked and staff fully trained.  In the last years of President Niyazov's reign, Turkmenistan's health care system dissolved.

The firm's name is: Turkish company MACC [?-possible translation error] Insaat Sanayi Yatyrym we Tijaret Limited Sikreti.  In 2006, they were also awarded a USD 8.9 million contract to build an eight-story school for 600 pupils in Ashgabat.

Photo: BBC