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Justice and Tourism: Canadian deaths in Mexico

Contributed by Rich Basas of FPA's Migration Blog: 

W-FIVE, A well known Canadian Investigative journalism program recently aired a report concerning the deaths of Dominic and Nancy Iannero, a Canadian couple who were murdered in their resort hotel room last year. The couple was in Mexico to celebrate the wedding of their son, but had their throats slashed by a still unknown attacker/s.

While W-FIVE suggests a hotel employee as being the best suspect and Canada's most famous criminal lawyer assisting the Iannero family in their cause, the local Mexican investigators have all but closed the investigation. The impression in Mexico is that the suspects are likely Canadians, disregarding the Iannero's evidence as an attempt to discredit local authorities and embarrass the local tourist industry.

The report goes on to outline their reasons why to this date no one has been charged formally for the crime. Many in Canada believe that the local Mexican officials have tried to cover up the murder completely in order to salvage the local tourism industry, which is the breadbasket of much of Mexico's economy. The case is seen as a failure to protect Canadians abroad by local governments as well as the Canadian government itself. Despite the Iannero case and cases of other Canadians killed in Mexico over the last year, there still seems to be a heavy Canadian tourist presence in Mexico.

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