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Mark Seidenfeld update: NYT correction

High Court of Justice, AstanaFor those of you who read my post on Mark Seidenfeld's incarceration and trial delay, the article by Ilan Greenberg has been corrected at the NYT site (I linked to the International Herald Tribune version of NYT piece).  As noted by comments received, Mr. Seidenfeld's employer was improperly attributed.  

In the details of the legal case, no changes were made.  The correction in its entirety:

Correction: April 30, 2007
An article last Monday about the prosecution of an American business executive in Kazakhstan on charges he stole $40,000 from his company omitted the company's name and misidentified its owners. The company is Arna Inc., and it is owned by GIMV, a Belgian investment company; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; and Murat Zhunussov, a Kazakh investor. Arna is not a Kazakhstan subsidiary of Golden Telecom, a Moscow-based Internet and telecommunications company.

I am still looking at other aspects of the Seidenfeld case and communicating with those who wrote in to comment.

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