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Scooped! Cross & jostle at Eurasia Media Forum VI

In March, I researched Dariga Nazarbaeva, Kazakhstan's media doyenne, and found out about the Eurasia Media Forum.  I meant to post on this years’ minutes of this worthwhile conference, and even went looking for articles.  I don't know why I couldn't find anything until now, but Ben Paarman over at blog posted an excellent heads-up article on the meeting of the Eurasia Media Forum VI.

Two items–one disturbing . . .
Diplomatic Dispute Resolution?

Check out the US-UK brawl as noted by Mr. Paarman.  It seems that geopolitical contention about US foreign policy has increased in intensity, and at a venue one might not have previously suspected.  I do hope the diplomats involved sent letters apologizing to their host.  It just couldn't have been good for anyone. 

 and one about trade. . . . .
An article by Alex Kogan of the Jerusalem Post came away very impressed by Kazakhstan's tolerance of Judaism, and speculated on the many benefits of Israeli investment in Kazakhstani enterprise to both states.  The article has a core of hard information encased in fluffy cotton candy, so it's not hard to distinguish between the two aspects.  Yet more business opportunities, Kazakhstan!

Also check the Eurasia Media Forum VI  site: a lot of serious discussions took place before and after conflagration. 
Another thanks to Ben at

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