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Kyrgyzstan: Bermet Akaeva's curfew, charges

InterrogationThe daughter of former President Akaev, Bermet Akaeva, was interrogated again on May 5th for 4 hours–between 10 am and 2 pm.  This curious scheduling information is related to Ms. Akaeva's previous interrogation, which put her into the hospital, and lasted until after 10pm at night.  Following the interrogation, Ms. Akaeva has been put under house arrest in Kyrgyzstan, Ria Novosti reported.   Ms. Akaeva is charged with obstruction of justice, contempt of court, and destroying documents.  If convicted of new charges, she faces up to two years in prison. 

Former President Askar Akaev has opined that “the case against Bermet will collapse, that much is clear . . . . pinning the blame for everything on Bermet alone is wrong.”  It's difficult to say whether the misplaced blame Mr. Akaev has noted concerns the demonstrations or the financial charges against her brother and husband.

Illustration: Electronic Journal of Forensic Psychonomics