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"Embracing Mexico" in Manhattan

"Embracing Mexico" in ManhattanThe UBS Art Gallery in New York City is hosting an exhibition to highlight the life and art of Mariana Yampolsky, an American-born artist whose work celebrates Mexico's culture, history, and landscape.  “Embracing Mexico: Mariana Yampolsky, Life and Art,” is featured in the Gallery until August 3rd. 

Yampolsky (1925-2002), who was born in Chicago, went to Mexico in 1944 and became a Mexican citizen in 1954.  “Embracing Mexico” explores the artist's deep connection to her adopted country through an exhibition of her work as a photographer, printmaker, book editor, curator, and collector. 

“Embracing Mexico” is organized by the Mexican Cultural Institute and sponsored by the financial corporation, UBS, which is hosting the exhibition in its art gallery. Click here for details.

Photo: “Huipil de tapar” (Headdress) by Mariana Yampolsky