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Calderon in Europe

Calderon in EuropeMexican President Felipe Calderon kicked off a five-nation tour of Europe this week, hoping to promote trade relations, increase investment in Mexico, and boost European tourism to Mexico.  Calderon began his trip in Rome, where he met with Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. Calderon was scheduled to meet with 400 Italian business executives in Milan on Tuesday before attending the G8 Summit in Germany on Wednesday, representing Mexico in the “Group of Five” or G5 — the five countries selected by the G8 as “emerging powers.” He will also visit France, Belgium, and Denmark on his European tour.

According to the Latin Business Chronicle, Mexico is the top Latin American destination for European Union exports and the second largest EU trade partner in the region. Calderon commented in Italy that it was important for Mexico to diversify its relations in the EU.

(Photo: Calderon with Prime Minister Romano Prodi in Italy)