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Calderon Criticizes U.S. Senate's Failure to Approve Immigration Bill

President Felipe Calderon criticized the U.S. Senate's failure to pass the Bush-backed immigration bill, saying that the lack of reform “worsens illegal immigration.”

An El Universal editorial stated, “It's obvious that the politicians in (the U.S.) want laborers, but they are not willing to legalize the labor that they need,” and thus, “migrants will continue to be subjected to extraordinary means of discrimination.”

Others, however, had been critical of the bill. Al Rojas of the advocacy group, Front of Americans Abroad, said that law “would have imposed prejudices, treating migrants like criminals and judging them.” He added, “Faced with a bad law, we preferred that they approved nothing.”

See: Mexico opinion makers see hypocrisy in defeat of U.S. immigration bill (International Herald Tribune)