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The Gulf Research Center has published a series of articles Nuclearization of the Gulf, which can be downloaded for free as a .pdf file from their main page, or you can order a hard copy if you want something impressive on your bookshelf.    Interesting and comprehensive site in and of itself, and the paper looks very interesting.  The contents are…
– Nuclear Development in the Gulf: A Strategic or Economic Necessity

– Nuclear Terrorism in the Gulf: Myth or Reality

– Is Iran's Nuclear Program Intended Solely for Civilian Purposes?

– No Development of a Nuclear Program without a Suitable Legal Framework

– Civilian Nuclear Programs in Arab Countries

Ongoing Projects:

– Nuclear WMD/Free Zone in the Gulf

– Official Documents on the GWMD Free Zone



Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill is a freelance writer currently based out of Chicago. He has lived in Egypt and in Yemen, and worked as a writer and editor for the Yemen Observer publishing company. He currently is an analyst with the Jamestown Foundation.