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Overview: US – China Trade Issues

The FPA's Great Decisions 2008 program's television series broadcasted on PBS offers a show featuring US-China Trade, and summarily introduces a number of issues affecting the global economy and Sino-American relations:

  • Agricultural trade. How do China's geographic, agricultural, and environmental characteristics uniquely position the US to enjoy a mutually beneficial trade relationship with China?
  • Manufactured goods. How can the US ensure it remains competitive in this industry alongside China's growth? How do factors such as foreign investment and technology development make this a fluid relationship?
  • Product quality. What are the nation-specific and collective responsibilities of the US, China, and other nations with leading economies in setting and complying with product quality standards?
  • Intellectual property rights. How can China ensure it continues to make progress in remaining current with, and enforcing intellectual property laws? What are socio-economic drivers potentially elevating this issue to become a higher priority in China's trade practices?
  • The EU's economic interest in China. Does the EU's interest in trade with China undercut US efforts to accomplish bilateral agreements on issues such as use of energy? What are some feasible solutions that can accomplished through plural-lateral discussions?

For more information, visit FPA's China Trade program and resources here.