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Uzbekistan: You Will Be My Friend!

Adm. William J. Fallon Concerning yesterday's piece about a US rapprochement with Uzbekistan, has broken a story that NATO troops, including Americans, will in the very near future be able to access a military airbase at Termez, on the Uzbek-Afghan border. The article quotes NATO special envoy Robert Simmons; "We welcome the fact Uzbekistan has shown readiness to allow other countries to use this airbase. As far as I understand, the United States is beginning to use this facility." It appears US Adm. Fallon visit last month accomplished more than just renewing a dialogue. What should one make of this seeming rapprochement between US/NATO and Uzbekistan? German troops have already used this base for some time, so is this really a substantial change in policy for Uzbekistan or the US?



Patrick Frost

Patrick Frost recently graduated from New York University's Masters Program in Political Science - International Relations. His MA thesis analyzed the capabilities and objectives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Central Asia and beyond and explored how these affected U.S. interests and policy.

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