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Arab League backs Lebanese reconciliation

The Arab League from its headquarters in Cairo backed a plan by Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to hold a national reconciliation dialogue to end the political crisis in Beirut.  A delegation from the 22-member Arab League plans to visit Lebanon to start a national dialogue with Berri and members of the Lebanese opposition groups in early May. The Arab League called for new electoral laws and a new cabinet, with Michel Suleiman, the commander of the Lebanese military, serving as the consensus president.

Lebanon has not had a president since Emile Lahoud stepped down in November.



Daniel Graeber

Daniel Graeber is a writer for United Press International covering Iraq, Afghanistan and the broader Levant. He has published works on international and constitutional law pertaining to US terrorism cases and on child soldiers. His first major work, entitled The United States and Israel: The Implications of Alignment, is featured in the text, Strategic Interests in the Middle East: Opposition or Support for US Foreign Policy. He holds a MA in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management from Norwich University, where his focus was international relations theory, international law, and the role of non-state actors.

Areas of Focus:International law; Middle East; Government and Politics; non-state actors