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"You hit Me, We hit You"

The government got bold (thus far only in press statements) and declared Hizballah's communication network as illegal. Go figure!

Second in command, Sheikh Naim Kassem warned them.

“Hezbollah will deal with those who interfere with the network as if they were Israeli spies, and they will face a ferocious resistance.”

Aha! So the elected government of Lebanon is going to be treated as Israeli spies (What does it mean exactly? Will Hizballah shoot the soldiers who cut the lines? Or take them all hostages? Or?) if they dare interfere with God's resistance.

Let me see if I got it right.

Hizballah is a political party. It also has a militia or resistance as they call it. This militia takes orders locally from Sheikh Nasrallah and Deputy Kassem, and ideologically from Iran's Khomeinist regime. Hizballah was actually established in Lebanon by Iran few decades ago. It is an excellent implant that managed to climb its way into politics and to take hostage a whole sect. You know the way: money and some more money used in propaganda, charities, etc. The sect thought they have the winning ticket and then July 2006 came and Hizballah's victory meant Lebanon's destruction.

Iran's enemies are Hizballah's enemies period. Parenthesis. Chapeau bas for Iranians as negotiators. Hizballah is following in the master's footsteps. You don't have to believe me. Google Hizballah and Israel and you’ll see that in spite of the propaganda, Hizballah had and continues to have a relationship with Israel. For negotiations. Germany played the mediator role in the past few years between the two.

Over the years Hizballah made and broke alliances. That is to expect from any political player. Just that Hizballah is also a military player. Lebanon did not declare war to Israel, yet Hizballah started one. When a group drags a country into an armed conflict we have a major problem. In most parts of the world it is called treason.

Of course Hizballah had serious reasons to do it.

1) Israel is an alien implant into the region and they have the duty to fight it. For the Palestinians, for the Muslims for whoever wants to join the club. I am not sure where the order came from, but if it is from God, and I suspect that is the case, then they have the green light to do so. Who are we and state laws in comparison to God's will?! This line was used for populist speeches, but that is not why Hizballah kidnapped, or well captured, as they say, the Israeli soldiers in 2006. Hizballah is smarter than that, at least its leadership is.

As in any conflict there is something pragmatic to gain. And no, that is not the afterlife glory, although that too is being promoted within the party's ideology.

2) Citizen Kuntar has to be released from Zionist's claws. If you wonder why, I can only say that Kuntar is on his way to Sainthood. There are few other Lebanese keeping company to Kuntar. The injustice of jailing criminals is unpardonable, and the party vowed to fight injustice in all its forms. After all, Hizballah is the vanguard of the Islamic world, and the guardian of Shia, Palestinian, Iranian and maybe even Syrian pride. You name it, Hizballah checks it on the list. There may be other crucial reasons, but we have to draw a line somewhere.


Hizballah has intelligence services, an army, it has strategic relationships with various Palestinian factions from the refugee camps, it has world wide business networks, schools, hospitals (very good ones, I may add, and I speak from experience), NGOs, institutes, newspapers, radios, TV station, sites, charity organizations, museums and many members and supporters in the country, region and at an international level. The services they provide and their professionalism is absolutely fantastic. I truly mean it.

With one exception. The people in charge of the party's department for foreign media are mediocre and rude, to say the least. I have a specific person in mind, but I won't reveal the name as that individual may have received orders from above. I was very surprised , as back in 2003 and 2005 the officer in charge was not only a skilled journalist, but also a very smart and polite person. I hope the party will take some measures in this direction, as I hate being lied to my face. I expected more fairness and truthfulness from a party that claims it is inspired by God. Silly me.

Hizballah can do whatever it wants. Their money, their rules. Right? Wrong. You know why? Just because the country's name is not Hizballah's Land. Hizballah is part of a state called Lebanon. This state has a Constitution, laws, state army, intelligence services, so on, so forth. In a state of law, you cannot have groups with their own set of rules, others than that of the state, a different defense and foreign policy. It does not work like that. Or you can have all the above and ask for partition. Federalism or confederalism won't work since both the defense and foreign policy have to be common for all parties.

Hizballah imposed on the Shias (not all are Hizballah's fans) and on everyone, its vision. This vision is opposite to that of the state. Thus far, Hizballah and the state lived in some sort of symbiosis. That is why, Lebanon today is in the peculiar situation when the state is being told to stay away from the party. Mess with us and you mess with … shall I dare say, God? This beacon of light in a world of darkness starts to reveal its true nature. It started a long time ago, just that some preferred to look the other way.

The communication lines and the weapons are sacred said the party.

I would never have thought of considering cable and arms as sacred, but well the party knows better. It would be stupid to tell Hizballah that it has to respect the state sovereignty, or that a state cannot have two armies with two leaderships. Please! Sovereignty is so overrated…

That is why the state should allow the party to continue its holier than thou mission, while encouraging the population to venerate in churches, at street corners, restaurants, pubs (you get the picture) toy weapons and pieces of cable, that symbolize the party's sacred icons.