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Parliament elects Suleiman


General Michel Suleiman has been elected today as Lebanon's President. Finally! He is the “compromise” candidate.  Not very encouraging, however, Lebanon has seen worst.

This is his first discourse as President.

  • I call on you all, political forces and citizens, to build a Lebanon we all agree on, setting the interests of Lebanon above our individual interests.
  • If it is important that the electoral law provide just representation of the people, it is even more important, then, that the results of the elections be accepted.
  • We must acknowledge the rights of the Lebanese abroad.
  • We still confirm our commitment to and respect for all UN resolutions especially for the martyr Rafik Hariri and all our martyrs.
  • The continuation of Israeli aggressions necessitates the creation of a defense strategy which allows us to make use of the resistance's experience.
  • We await brotherly relations between Lebanon and Syria, with mutual respect for the sovereignty of each [country].
  • The Palestinian cause cannot be used as a pretext for any armament that defies national security.
  • The continuation of the resistance depends on the people's need for [the resistance], and its achievements should not be used by internal struggles.
  • We paid a high price for our national unity, so let us preserve it hand in hand for God unites us.

Not bad for the first day in office. Nonetheless, there is a long way from words to action.