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More on Wall Street's shake-up

Yesterday's Give and Take blog brought up questions similar to those of my post on Frannie and Freddie Mac.  (There are some interesting responses coming in from the public today.) 

With the Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch shake-up, the instability of AIG, the falling prices of oil, and the huge shocks to the market – what does this financial instability mean for philanthropy?

As with all of the commentaries today – the full effects are not yet known.  In philanthropy, we’re likely to hear more of the same regarding this year's economic slowdown -individual giving has been affected, corporate giving will be affected. 

The challenge for non-profits and charities will be in finely focusing their strategic goals for the year and ensuring their efforts are forwarding their missions.  Still, there is a lot of creativity in the sector – in fundraising, entrepreneurship, and web 2.0.  The financial instability will likely mean non-profits will need to get more focused and more creative at the same time.