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The most powerful woman in philanthropy…may not be who you think

Philanthropy has its share of very well-known women – trustees, CEOs, celebrities – all promoting various aspects of the sector.  Alliance magazine's asks whether Jane Wales, Vice President, Aspen Institute may be the most powerful of them all.  Whether you agree, the interview in this month's magazine is worth a read as it touches on the connections between philanthropy and non-profits and how the current financial situation will affect both.

And while you are at it, check out the article on newly emerging African Foundations.  Will these foundations, established in Africa by Africans, be able to tilt the tradition power balance of northern donors and southern recipients?  It is an important conversation to follow, particularly as philanthropic efforts and donor aid in Africa increases.

(11.05.08 P.S. – My apologies for misspelling Jane Wales last name.  It is Wales, not Walsh, as first written.)