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India's Rising Green Revolution?

Tom Friedman wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times today casting some light on various green enterprises in India, focusing on the specific example of a solar-powered car made by India’s Reva Electric Car Company and driven by 2 American women across the Subcontinent.  Other than referencing the Indian Youth Climate Network, Friedman’s piece leaves many questions about what other green developments are going on in India.  The interesting moment though is his description of the US and Chinese embassies.  Evidently, China’s embassy in New Delhi is covered in solar hot-water heaters, as compared to the Americans’ “antennae and listening gear”.  Friedman’s piece can be read here.



Christopher Herbert

Christopher Herbert is an analyst of foreign affairs with specific expertise in US foreign policy, the Middle East and Asia. He is Director of Research for the Denver Research Group, has written for the Washington Post’s PostGlobal and Global Power Barometer and has served on projects for the United States Pacific Command and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He has degrees from Yale University and Harvard University in Middle Eastern history and politics and speaks English, French, Arabic and Italian.

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