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Financial Times of London World Page
The Financial Times of London’s (now commonly known as ‘FT’) World Page website is an adequate, though not among the best, compendiums of world headlines. It provides a decidely Anglo-American perspective on world affairs. While you’re there, however, also take a look at the ‘World Markets Data’ and the ‘Global Economy’ page — which can be found in the left menu. It provides a smartly presented, graphical outlay of Global Market and economic data — even some of the smaller World Markets. (



Elison Elliott

Elison Elliott , a native of Belize, is a professional investment advisor for the Global Wealth and Invesment Management division of a major worldwide financial services firm. His experience in the global financial markets span over 18 years in both the public and private sectors. Elison is a graduate, cum laude, of the City College of New York (CUNY), and completed his Masters-level course requirements in the International Finance & Banking (IFB) program at Columbia University (SIPA). Elison lives in the northern suburbs of New York City. He is an avid student of sovereign risk, global economics and market trends, and enjoys writing, aviation, outdoor adventure, International travel, cultural exploration and world affairs.

Areas of Focus:
Market Trends; International Finance; Global Trade; Economics