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Looking beyond North America…

Between the blogs I follow and my twitter-feed, I’m feeling issue-fatigue on the financial crisis and how the sector is coping.  My weekly Economist continues to report the most pressing financial difficulties from manufacturing to mortgages –  in every corner of the globe.  Even for a sector-junkie, its challenging to keep up on the most current thoughts regarding Obama’s stimulus package and the administration’s decision to limit charitable-giving deductions for the wealthy.

When it gets a little blurry and numbing to continue navel gazing, its always a good time to see how things are stacking up elsewhere.  Alliance provides a free article this week on the Financial Crisis Around the World.  It’s actually not as dismal as it sounds – it’s nice to hear that there is some stability certain regions even while others are becoming more tightly focused.  And for subscribers of Alliance, your bonus is in the uplifting news that commitments in reconstruction to Gaza are defying the recession.

Never a bad thing to gain a little perspective.  It’s refreshing to get a glimpse of what’s happening beyond these borders.