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Trilateral Conference With Something to Talk About

In what is to part of a series of conversations, some of which began back in February, the Obama administration will host the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan in a trilateral summit this coming May 6 and 7. During the official summit, President Karzai and President Zardari will each meet individually with Obama and then the three will have a group session. These diplomatic pow wows are a major part of Obama’s Afghan-Pakistan strategy as his administration has argued that each side is crucial to success for the US mission in the region.


Hmm…I wonder what the three of them will have to talk about? Well, for starters: regional security, the rising power of the Taliban, the SWAT deal, marital rape, narco trafficking, aid money and its disbursement, the arrival of 21,000 more US troops, US commitment, Afghani corruption, Pakistani government weakness (Sharif), use of drones, intelligence sharing, Al Qaeda, Holbrooke’s hair (Toupee?)…

There is obviously much to discuss and much to accomplish between these three partners and let us hope they can actually be that, ‘partners’.

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