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A 'Must See!' film from the ruefully brilliant mind of Michael Moore

A 'Must See!' film from the ruefully brilliant mind of Michael Moore

Typically, Michael Moore’s brand of cynicism and his Liberal take on the great issues of American politics is not my cup of tea because I am by bearing and temperament far more a pragmatist in nature. (Now, here comes the ‘but.’)

But after being invited to a pre-screening of his most recent film, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story,’ due to be released 2nd October  2009, I think, like Jon Stewart, the guy is a virtuosity. I highly recommend plopping down your $20 bucks per person — or whatever it costs these days — for a ticket and a bag of stale popcorn to see it.  You can start by viewing the movie trailer below. 

Watching the film, I felt like Michael had climbed inside my head, made a list of all the things that have been obsessing me for the last 12 months, and brought them horrifyingly to life. It’s one thing to know these things are happening; it’s another to see them happening in front of your eyes.

Right from the beginning — after a funny set-up juxtaposing End of Empire Rome and Modern America — Michael goes directly to the beating heart of the economic crisis, showing a hard-working, middle class family being evicted from their home. The knot in your stomach starts to tighten — and the outrage starts to build.  Read more here.

Moore’s own take on his latest film..??  “I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make.” And, on the film itself, “It’s got it all – lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day.”

Read more here.  

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