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Friday's Links

1) Speculation in Pakistan is increasing over whether President Asif Ali Zardari will survive in office much longer. The constant threat of military coups is the elephant in the room, especially after Zardari attempted to place the ISI under civilian control. Moreover, Pakistani politics are riddled with ever-shifting alliances and corrupt political actors lacking any higher national purpose. Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party has historically been more open to rapprochement with India—another ‘knock’ in the eyes of the military.

Until the Pakistani military exists under civilian control, South Asia will not have peace.

2) A free trade deal will create a common market for the East African Community—more helpful than any Western aid package could be.

3) Ukraine and Russia have agreed to a deal that will hopefully ensure the flow of natural gas to Europe this winter.

4) Somalia’s mobile phone industry is “booming”—and some “insurgents say they receive orders for attacks by text message”.

5) “Where’s the idea of India?”, asks Kuldip Nayar in Dawn.



Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift is a graduate of the University of Iowa, with a degree in History and Political Science. Long a student of international affairs, he is on an unending quest to understand the world better.