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Tuesday op-eds to read

1) The Nation, Pakistan: Pakistan may be the most talked about country in the world today. Here’s “Pakistan’s Perspective” by Tariq Osman Hyder. Note what he writes about the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

2) Der Spiegel, Germany: Really, you can’t get more brutal than this, from Klaus Brinkbäumer:

The United States is now a republic of bloggers and talk radio, a country of shouting citizens and an eternal presidential election campaign, full of paranoid, spoiled and self-righteous people.

3) Dar al-Hayat, Lebanon: Both the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships are taken to task, by Husam Itani.

4) The Daily Star, Lebanon: A defense of Turkish foreign policy, from Suat Kiniklioglu, the Justice and Development Party’s deputy chairman for external affairs.



Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift is a graduate of the University of Iowa, with a degree in History and Political Science. Long a student of international affairs, he is on an unending quest to understand the world better.