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Exciting Opportunities with the U.S. FPA


Many exciting opportunities  are popping up from the U.S. Foreign Policy Association.   Readers may find it useful to see these  in one place and so, voila:

1. The U.S. FPA wants more bloggers. Apply here!

Take it from one who knows, blogging for the FPA is an immense opportunity, offering you a chance to engage with very smart professionals from an array of interesting backgrounds.   More fundamentally, researching and writing weekly posts  is a sure way to crank your learning curve to a steeper degree.   If you fancy yourself an expert on foreign policy topics, check out the posting and apply.

2. Want to join the State Department Foreign Service? Register here!

It’s hard, exciting, dangerous and prestigious.  Working for the Foreign Service is also shrouded in secrecy and, your natural diplomacy skills alone won’t cut it.   This course, offered by the FPA University will help you to prepare for the notoriously difficult Foreign Service exam and will uncover details on who the “total candidate” is and how he or she can direct their career once accepted.  The course is happening March 29th, so register quickly!

(Foreign Service not for you?  Upcoming April courses include: Landing a Job at the UN, Landing a Job in International Development and Landing a Job in Global Finance)

3.  Job Hunting? Look here!

For jobs that are more than just “jobs,” I direct friends to the FPA board.  New opportunities with the best-of-the-best are posted weekly.  Just taking a look at the site now, I see that there are openings at Princeton University, The Economist magazine, The Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations, to name a few.   Postings are global and span all levels, from internship to director.

4.  Foreign policy bloggers are fun! Join us at our events!

I encourage peers and blog readers to get involved with the FPA anywhere you can.  Our monthly events are a great place to start.   If you’re in Washington D.C., head over to the International Spy Museum tomorrow evening.  The FPA is hosting U.S. Defense blogger, Gail Harris, who will speak on her experience as the first woman to provide U.S. intelligence support to military operations.

And finally, our Facebook page is extremely active and is a perfect place to get updates as they unfold.   Bonus, we Twitter too.