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Friday Lazy Linking


Things that are important or interesting that I haven’t written about:

  • WikiLeaks is drumming up some hype before releasing video of a drone strike that claimed civilian lives. That’s not going to improve their relationship with the gummint.
  • Viral social networking is transforming the ability to get groups together and make change happen. Yes yes, as a savvy reader of this blog you already know that – but it’s in USA Today, so that means your aunt does too.
  • Guess what? If a company has fallen out of favor with the Emperor, you’d be wise to find other business partners. Topeka’s Google’s buddies in China are quietly… backing… away…
  • DOE’s offering grants for the creation of an Electric Sector Cyber Security Organization (now we contract out the actual organization creation, too?) in hopes of defending a burgeoning Smart Grid power system. (h/t: Network World.)
  • Web 2.0 contrarian Evgeny Morozov sees Russia attempting to close with China on the critical Censorship Gap. Russia’s got the resources to do a proper job of net censorship if they put their mind to it, so this would be a big deal.