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Recovering the US-Japan Alliance?

An approaching deadline doesn’t permit me time to pick this apart, so I’ll leave that to you.

A 12 Step Recovery Plan for the US-Japan Alliance by Michael Green and Nick Szechenyi of the CSIS Japan Chair:

1) Don’t give up on Futenma (Yet.)

2) Call a Time Out if the Deal Collapses

3) Damage Control

4) Strategic Dialogue

5) Legislative Linkages

6) A Joint Statement on the 50th Anniversary on the Security Treaty

7) Plan for Expanded Defense Cooperation

8) Forge a counter proliferation partnership

9) Partnering on Regional Architecture I: APEC

10) Partnering on Regional Architecture II: Minilaterals

11) Defining a Green Alliance

12) Restarting the Strategic Development Alliance

If you want more than the terse bullet points read the entire piece here.



David Fedman

David Fedman is a PhD student in the History Department of Stanford University where he focuses on modern Japanese and Korean history. He lives in San Francisco, California.