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A Warm Welcome

Hey there!  Salam!  Shalom!  My name is April and I welcome you to this revamped Foreign Policy Association blog dedicated to Middle East Media.  I know I always want to know WHO bloggers really are… so please check out my “Blogger Profile” on the right hand menu of this screen.

Regarding this blog: discussion  through comments, suggestions, and questions is always welcomed (and hoped for!).  My goal is to shed some light on a topic that is generally misunderstood or ignored and to intellectually stimulate you into questioning why I may have found a topic notable.  Perhaps you’re curious how Middle East Media is relevant to you or why you should care.  The answer boils down to one word: globalism.  The United States spends billions of dollars in the Middle East on everything from military to foreign aid for development assistance.  What gets said about these subjects (and many other things, domestic and international) can be extremely different between the the various Middle Eastern nations, between different languages and dialects, and even between different tribes speaking the same language in the same nation.  My job is to provide some insight and bridge the gap between the unfamiliar and the familiar.

What do you say?