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Japan Hands Have Their Say

The National Bureau of Asian Research has just published a collection of essays on the US-Japan Alliance entitled, A New Stage for the U.S.-Japan Alliance? The roster of contributors is impressive:

Troubled Alliance
Kenneth B. Pyle

Return to Basics: Recalibrating the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance
Michael Finnegan

Redefining and Reaffirming the U.S.-Japan Alliance
Michael J. Green

Alliance Endangered? Challenges from the Changing Political-Economic Context of U.S.-Japan Relations
Kent E. Calder

The 50th Anniversary: Time for a “Renewal of Vows”
Andrew L. Oros

A Short-Term Challenge to the U.S.-Japan Alliance Putting Its Long-Term Health at Risk
Yuki Tatsumi

Download it for free here.



David Fedman

David Fedman is a PhD student in the History Department of Stanford University where he focuses on modern Japanese and Korean history. He lives in San Francisco, California.