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Peep the PanOrient

Hot on the heels of WSJ’s Real Time Japan comes PanOrient News, a new Japan-themed internet service. According to its launch announcement:

“PanOrient News is a collaboration between Shingetsu Institute Executive DirectorMichael Penn and the company’s founder, Khaldon Azhari, aiming to challenge the frail grip of the existing English-language news services in Japan with an information outlet that penetrates to the core of major issues, is not afraid to take a stand, is hard-hitting, and presents a genuinely global perspective.”

A cursory glance has me impressed with the amount of content (especially the links to videos and other media), but somewhat puzzled by the choice of the name.

See it for yourself here.

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David Fedman

David Fedman is a PhD student in the History Department of Stanford University where he focuses on modern Japanese and Korean history. He lives in San Francisco, California.