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Just a few links to the good work of others on the Beirut summer party/summit.

Qifa Nabki sees the summit as a means of temperature taking.

Nick Noe suggests that the STL will undermine Hezbollah internationally, hurting it’s image and potentially delegitimizing it.

And this Time article lays out the main points.

Everyone paying attention still seems to be focused on seeing this through a “summer war” lens. It’s certainly plenty hot in Damascus these days (the mercury rose into the neighborhood of 115 today) and you could see how blood could boil…we shall see.



Walter Raubeson

Walter spent the last two years living and working in Damascus, reporting on the Syrian social, political, and cultural scene. Recently returned to the US, Walter continues to monitor Middle Eastern events with verve, and also gusto.

Having graduated from New York University's Masters Program in Political Science- International Relations-in September 2008, Walter's MA thesis analyzed the Lebanese political system; focusing on the impact of foreign intervention within Lebanon, particularly the roles of Iran, Israel, Syria, and the US.