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A Message from Insanity

According to the New York Times, Pakistan’s military is maneuvering to remove the current government. This, according to the paper, is because of corruption and lack of proper response to the flood.

What is missing from the report is that once this government is gone, angels and superheroes are going to takeover and they will change everything wrong with Pakistan, overnight.

The world has seen this before, but I suspect that people in Pakistan like this game of throwing out democratic governments and bringing in old, tried, and tired hands with this hope that somehow, magically, things will change and yes, improve, even though, history begs to differ.

No point in repeating that the current government has been perpetually dealt with crisis right after Musharaff and his cronies left the country without any food, water and money. What Musharaff and his gang did leave behind were multiple disasters in the shape of terrorism, charged up lawyers movement, and uncountable other problems that the current government is still trying to solve.

If Pakistan is viewed as a society without the deranged and delusional support of Pakistan’s contemporary electronic media, it is still not a bad place. However, because of the consistent poisonous war against the left leaning and progressive government of Pakistan People’s Party waged by the jihadists, so called-journalists and judges with the not so subtle help from the army, the country seems like a hell hole.

Ironically, the current champions of freedom of press have jailed journalists while they were in Power. Ask Najam Sethi, Husain Haqani (to name a few) about the experience. Even worse, the same people who claim to be in love with ‘independent judiciary’ are also responsible for organizing the one and only attack on judiciary. Just ask Sajad Ali Shah about it.

As awful as it sounds, it seems likely that the Zardari and Gillani will be shown the door, but it is going to be a supremely sad day for Pakistan’s public and for its future. Gone are the days when an elected government was overthrown, especially when it represented people from smaller provinces, and people took it quietly. Not any more.

Equally terrible is the prospect of ordinary Pakistanis suffering because of this upcoming ‘revolution’. And those, who are inviting a revolution, must not forget what happened in China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba when ordinary people gave up their rights for buying into the hideous notion of a better future. Better life after a revolution remains an unfulfilled dream, and an empty promise. It has never anywhere in the world, and it is not going to happen in Pakistan either. It will only make life more miserable for ordinary citizens and it will tremendously help the hard core hyper nationalists dying to dominate the society.

So, here is a message from insanity to the generals in Pakistan. “Go ahead, remove the government, and make my day.” 



Bilal Qureshi

Bilal Qureshi is a resident of Washington, DC, so it is only natural that he is tremendously interested in politics. He is also fascinated by the relationship between Pakistan, the country of his birth, and the United States of America, his adopted homeland. Therefore, he makes every effort to read major newspapers in Pakistan and what is being said about Washington, while staying fully alert to the analysis and the news being reported in the American press about Pakistan. After finishing graduate school, he started using his free time to write to various papers in Pakistan in an effort to clarify whatever misconceptions he noticed in the press, especially about the United States. This pastime became a passion after his letters were published in Vanity Fair and The New Yorker and his writing became more frequent and longer. Now, he is here, writing a blog about Pakistan managed by Foreign Policy Association.

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